Senin, 14 Mei 2012

Digital Photography

Everyone loves pictures, especially of themselves. In a social gathering, bring out the camera and everyone stands to attention, of course not so obvious that anyone else would notice; no one wants to be accused, even teasingly, of posing much too apparently. One wants to retain a little mystery. Anyhow, once the camera is out, suddenly people are having a good time, really determined not to be the party pooper. Nobody likes to see a glum picture, oh no. Smiles become more charming now, postures more alluring, and if they are on the beach, everyone jumps high. Picture perfect, they say.
Why is Digital Photography so popular?
Almost everyone wants their picture taken—whether alone or in a group, whether with friends, loved ones, or with strangers; with pets, plants, or trees; with the horizon as backdrop, frolicking in the water, or simply lying on the sand, people just can’t get enough. They even get excited seeing a picture of their feet. Weird? Ha-ha! I’m sure not. People simply become kids again when it comes to picture taking. The world is suddenly more amusing, the ordinary green grass more arresting, the sky more enchanting, and their oh-so-familiar selves instantaneously more interesting.
Let’s face it. People, in one way or another, are obsessed with themselves. And what’s wrong with that? Perhaps it’s healthy narcissism. Why? See a picture of yourself with others and to who do your eyes immediately zoom in on? Yourself, of course! You want to see yourself first, wanting to see how you look. If you look good, then the day is suddenly so much brighter and you’d feel like you’re walking on air all day long. If you don’t look too good, then you couldn’t hit Delete fast enough, and almost always, you get a mirror and practice, determined to get that perfect angle, that perfect smile. The next time your picture is taken, bam! you look freakin’ good! Oh yeah. You’d be basking in the glory of mission accomplished. Oh the joy it brings! How simply wonderful! Such is the power of a picture.